Thursday, September 24, 2015

Evil Patrick

No laughter. No joy. Only fear and pain. This is the reality that is the alternate reality of Bikini Bottom. Rage and madness reign supreme and only the strongest, most vile and ruthless entities will survive. Kill or be killed, eat or be eaten.

4"x6" mixed media on paper. Own the original:

Monday, September 21, 2015

zatanna gone ZED

It was suggested that I zombify the comic heroine Zatanna ... and since I had not heard of her before, I turned to google. There are so many comic characters that I don't know about, I might have to hand in my geek card.

If you dig this painting and want to own it, click here.

Friday, September 18, 2015

sketching zombies because ... it's what I do

It has been a busy day of small errands all over this small town, even venturing in to the other small town 10 minutes away to do the SUPERSTORE shopping. I hate shopping ... walking around all these isles filling carts up with food stuffs, sanitary stuffs, miscellaneous stuffs ... pretty soon the cart is full and the wallet is empty. At least we didn't have to put stuff back just to make budget.

The life of the zombie artist isn't all fun and games ... shambling through supermarkets searching for brains deals happens too.

So ... been to busy to draw much today but I did start on this guy in my sketchbook

Thursday, September 17, 2015

ZOMBadocious Trump

Someone hired me to paint Donald Trump, and gave some suggestions for how he should look. The most important part was to sew his mouth shut so he'd stop spewing so much shit out in to the world. It worked for a while but eventually it started trickling out his ears.

Zombie Trump for president of the apocalypse ... right?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

this ain't my grandma

Painted up this old lady zombie while watching FEAR the Walking Dead. I don't know about you, but I like that show. They have done a great job portraying how the zombie apocalypse might start out and the character development is happening.

This is a mixed media art card, 2.5"x3.5" on thick watercolor paper. Own the original.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

saturday RAGER sketch

It has been a day of yard works, bug battles, chainsaws and road trips to compost heaps. I thought I saw some fraggles ...

This painting was created this evening, but due to feelings of exhaustion it was quite the struggle to create. In the end the hard lines were drawn and the paint was thrown ... the final result is pleasing.

original available here:

Friday, September 11, 2015

alley way zombie sketch ... now with more brains

It's a cold september morning and my hands are going numb. I'd turn on the heat but that requires the effort of getting up and moving ... instead I painted this zombie in the alley. The exposed brains was a happy accident that came about when the wet paint got stuck on another piece of paper and then tore off, exposing the white beneath.

For Sale ... msg me for details.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wonder Woman gone ZOMBIE

I was bombarded with Wonder Woman images today so I'm resurecting my own ZOMBIE Wonder Woman painting. The original is available here:

Zombie pals ... maybe?

This is the final image of the pets belonging to +cobalt please ... zombie dog and cat in a pool of who's blood? hmmm ... biting the hand that feeds perhaps?

sept 10 morning zombie sketch

Just loosening up in the cold september morning. Trying to be a little more sketchy with the acrylics and pen. Click here if you want the original. If you can think of a clever title for this you win a no prize.

Monday, September 7, 2015

red line zombie

Sleep would not come ... so at 3 in the morning the scratching began. Slowly at first then the frenetic chaos over took and the red lines flowed furiously across the paper bringing out the undead that lurked just behind my eyes. Moments later it was finished, its gaze transfixed upon the unseen being just behind me.
Sleep then placed its calming hand upon my shoulder allowing me to drift off and dream of the spreading infection.

original available for just $13.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Purple Minion

Eat a banana or attack ... that's the dilemma this purple minion faces.
Currently in the hands of NM Scuri after being in an artshow in NY.

Own the original here:


Bringing two different horror images together again ... as if clowns weren't bad enough.

Straight from the pages of Two Sentence Horrors ( ) comes the zombie clown. It giggles while it noms your flesh.

Own the original:

Seafood Zombie - revisted

The age old question ... can zombies swim?
No ... they sink and then get stuck with all sorts of aquatic life attaching themselves to them.
Like this zombie ... being prodded and probed by curious octopi.

One of the images that is currently part of the $40 each sale.

the other images look like this:

Friday, August 28, 2015

end of the month F U

Ever want to rant about life and stuff? About difficult days and even tougher nights? Do you want to bitch and complain, whine and moan, throw a BYOB pity party and get completely wasted on other peoples booze then pass out in the bathtub. Or reach through the computer screen and punch the haters and the doubters and the in the face. Well ... this image is all those things and more. It's a huge F U  to the universe in general and anyone or anything that does you wrong.

This painting got a little treatment to make it look more like the graphic that has been sold as shirts and prints and the original is now available for sale here:

Thursday, August 27, 2015

zombie 175 - Renee - and there's an animation too!

The newest member of the 1000 zombies project is Renee. She is the partner of zombie 274. 
So ... did she understand that you just can't live with a zombie or did she decide she didn't want to live without her husband? Until death do you part doesn't mean much after the zombie apocalypse.

If you want to get your own zombie portrait, click here.

This is the drawing process of the zombie portrait, in a gif!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

If I'm in Byron's Sketchbook, I hope I'm ...

A Zombie or Not a Zombie ... that is the question. 

Share this blog post and I'll send you a link to download my zombie coloring sketchbook for free, and when you share it, make sure you say if you want to be a zombie or not a zombie in the comment and I might just draw you in here too. I'll be randomly drawing people in the sketchbook until the campaign closes.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

making old new again

I've begun to take old paintings of mine and give them a make over using materials and techniques I didn't have before. I'm not going to do this to all of my old work, only on the ones I find overly simplistic or a little washed out.

So this image:

became this image:

I like how it all pops out more, looks very vibrant and maintains the cartoon look while still bringing depth and menance to the over all piece. I'm doing more like this from time to time and releasing the updated images on my patreon page first.

What do you think of the make over?

Sunday, July 26, 2015


A few weeks ago I painted this zombie baseball player while watching my sons at baseball practice. Obviously I was inspired by them and their hats, which this baseball hat is sort of fashioned after. It's crazy how much attention you get when you pull out your paints and paper and start creating something. Everyone wants to see, and then the questions start ...

This little zombie ball playing dude is available in my shop.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

BeardO WeirdO ... now with real BEARD

The TechnoViking has nothing on the booze guzzling, bird flipping Bearded Zombie.

I painted a zombie and then glued real beard hair to it because real beard hair makes for a better bearded zombie. Who's with me? It was a fun experiment, and one that I will try again, but I have a much better idea for how to get the beard on the painting.

This bearded bastard is up for sale too
Just look at the beard ... LOOK AT IT!!
my wife doesn't want to touch it HAHA!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

2 Guys gone the way of the Z

Ah the blog, the good 'ol seldom updated blog. What am I to do with it? Keep it, trash it, just keep posting and updating sporadically like it was the plan all along or actually get serious and start putting more work and updates on here?
I'll think about it ... get back to you tomorrow ... or the next day.
In the mean time ... here's 2 guys that were going about their day, hanging out, doing their thing, when all of a sudden WHAM!

They're zombies.

This is a somewhat olderish drawing that I revamped. I dig it, but the guy in the back looks a little to much like +matthew rappaport for my tastes :P so I'm offering it up for just $20 and free shipping.
Click here to get it.

Friday, July 3, 2015

EYE see what you did thaaaAAARRRR!!

zombie portrait of Cobalt Please

It has been one hell of a tough month for me and mine. Without going in to a lot of details I'll just say health for everyone here is doing better, but other issues will be life long. Everything all at once was enough to make me just quit the internet for a while. I haven't been online in any real capacity except to post a few sketches a couple weeks back, and to paint this zombie portrait.

The photo doesn't really do the image justice ... so much is lost on the screen.

There are other things I have created while offline and I'll be rolling those out over the next few days, and I'm also about to launch a new indiegogo campaign ... so stay tuned.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

the rumours of my demise ...

... have been slightly exaggerated.

It has been a while since the sickness struck, but this time it hit extra hard. Knocked me out for days and kept me offline even longer. Add to that a massive amount of anxiety about health, my eldest child and her recent absolute disdain for school and the fact that the electricity nearly got shut off last week ... all I wanted to do was stay in bed. I couldn't and I didn't because I put the family first and I had to take care of them ... but the internet was heavily avoided. I just couldn't bring myself to take part in online discussions, let alone making new posts. Even today I just feel like lying in bed and avoiding the online world, but my family needs to eat so I need to post art and hopefully sell something to get food on the table. It's a tough gig earning your living being an artist and there are many days I wish I could just get a full time job and not stress out so much.

Anyways ... I'm back ... sort of.
This image is loosely based on the first image I created that convinced me I can actually do some decent zombie artwork. It's available here.

There are a pile of emails that are awaiting responses, so if you're one of those that are waiting to hear from me, I appreciate your patience.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

I live in fear

Zombies often think that the other monsters have it easy. Maybe they do. Werewolves and vampires can often pass as normal regular people. They hunt with purpose and feed regularly. If they get wounded or cut, they often heal up easily enough.
Zombies though ... constant struggle to find anything to eat. When you do finally find something it often runs away ... or worse ... it attacks. If a zombie gets cut or loses a limb, it's not healing up or growing back. Damage is permament. 
And forget trying to blend in with society. If the tattered clothes and rotting flesh aren't enough of a clue that they don't fit in, the smell is a dead give away.

Yeah ... some other monsters have it easy.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Mayhem on Monday

If ever there was a day to stay in bed it was today ... though it isn't possible, especially when you're a zombie. You barely sleep if you sleep at all, you can't think for all the confusion of the day, and to top it off your priorities of finding brains to nom are all consuming.
Panic attacks and nausea are always there, hiding just behind the lifeless eyes. The others are also seeking to take your attention away from the main task. They take your time, causing the goal of finding food to slip away again.
It's a daily struggle and the struggle is real.

want to own this ... click here.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

another Zombie bookmark

Tooling around, trying to get back in to the game and carve out another groove since I seem to have fallen out of my last one. Sick sucks ... life goes on.
This is another zombie book mark type image, approx. 2"x8" mixed media.
You can see my other zombie book mark images here:

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

zombie self portrait

This is a zombified self portrait ... and a test
to see if the blog post will put a big image in the google+ post.
And while we're at it ... who wants a zombie portrait?

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

past the FU ... or ... FUCK YOU to the past

Original is available in my shop:

Sometimes when I have to much time to think or things are going a little more bleak than usual I reflect on the past and the choices that I have made and the misadventures I had. Sometimes I reflect on how I was raised or what and how I was taught. Other times it might be how I was treated, or treated myself, or even just the mistakes I made.
There's a lot of things I would like to change about where I came from and how I developed, and there are a lot of mistakes I wish were never made. But that's life and you can't change the past. You can only learn from it and keep moving forward.
So instead of dwelling on things I can't change, I'm trying hard to focus on just changing myself.

This image is a big FUCK YOU to my past ... specifically the bad parts.

Time to move on ... and part of the moving on is bringing back the daily zombie, but instead of just daily drawings and stuff I'm going to start to talk about what its like trying to be a work from home artist and support your family doing that. It's a tough gig and I'm probably doing everything wrong.

With this blog I am going to try to talk about the mistakes I've made so you can hopefully avoid them, the things I've learned about building an audience, how and where to sell your work online, and other stuff. As I've said, I'm probably doing a lot of things wrong so while I am making these posts I'll be able to hopefully push myself in to really looking at what I'm doing and maybe learn a few new things too.

At least that's the plan.

First words of advice for anyone that wants to quit their day job and do art full time ... before you do, get a years worth of savings because you're going to need it.

Tomorrow I'll talk about what I wish I knew before starting on this path.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Thirty Heads 4 of 30 - Tom

Say hello to Tom.
Don't talk about his tooth ... he knows it's big and sticks out. The last person that made fun of it was never seen again. I can't even remember her name. 

+++ Tom +++
the fourth in a series of 30 #zombie heads
one template, 30 creations. Each unique yet similar.
$30 each, includes a free download of high res poster featuring all 30 zombie heads as well as a free download of the ebook containing all 30 zombies (coming jan.5)
One of the 30 will also receive an exclusive, one of a kind blood head. The 31st painting in a series of 30. You can own Ralph by clicking here:

Friday, January 2, 2015

Thirty Heads 3 of 30 - Dave

The locals called me dumpster Dave.
They were nice to me, the locals.
From time to time people from other neighbourhoods would come and torment me though.
Sometimes the police would torment me too.

Then one day it all stopped and the rules changed.
Now no one torments me.
Now I roam the streets and attack the weak and the strong.
I have become the tormentor to those that once tormented me.
Let them sleep uneasy and fear the night.

+++ Dave +++
the first in a series of 30 #zombie heads
one template, 30 creations. Each unique yet similar.
$30 each, includes a free download of high res poster featuring all 30 zombie heads as well as a free download of the ebook containing all 30 zombies (coming jan.5)
One of the 30 will also receive an exclusive, one of a kind blood head. The 31st painting in a series of 30. You can own Ralph by clicking here:

Thirty Heads 2 of 30 - Tim

It's crazy being a zombie.
Crazy fun that is.

Just ask Tim. He hasn't had this much fun in years.

>>> there's an ebook coming which will have the rest of the story. stay tuned <<<

+++ Tim +++
the second in a series of 30 #zombie heads
one template, 30 creations. Each unique yet similar.
$30 each, includes a free download of high res poster featuring all 30 zombie heads as well as a free download of the ebook containing all 30 zombies (coming jan.5)
One of the 30 will also receive an exclusive, one of a kind blood head. The 31st painting in a series of 30. You can own Tim by clicking here:

Thirty Heads 1 of 30 - Ralph

Ralph was miserable and cranky.
He just finished eating yet the hunger persisted.
It was feeling of emptiness that constantly gnawed at him, driving him mad with rage and hunger.
He must feed again.
Soon ... NOW!

Consumed with hunger, Ralph put one hand after another and slowly dragged himself through the city in search of his next meal ... his rotting entrails dragging behind him.

+++ Ralph +++
the first in a series of 30 #zombie heads
one template, 30 creations. Each unique yet similar.
$30 each, includes a free download of high res poster featuring all 30 zombie heads as well as a free download of the ebook containing all 30 zombies (coming jan.5)
One of the 30 will also receive an exclusive, one of a kind blood head. The 31st painting in a series of 30. You can own Ralph by clicking here: