Monday, June 18, 2018

3 skulls

Last week a bunch of skulls were created and posted for sale ... we were offering them up for just 10 bucks a pop. Some sold, but not all. Now they're making a reappearance on redbubble.
there are still some skulls available, message us if you want on.

Pink Eye Skull

Pink Eye Skull is staring at you ... making your eyes water and feel kind of itchy ...
try not to pick and scratch

this is a small artcard sized painting on black foam board. approx 3"x4"
Want it? leave a comment if you're interested in owning it
also available at redbubble

Say 10

You don't have to say much, just say 10
original black and white painting is available for purchase, its about 3"x6" mixed media on watercolor paper. Contact us if you're interested in owning, otherwise ... check out redbubble for shirts or stickers.


Man, what a day yesterday was. Woke up in a half decent mood and then it all started unravelling. It's stupid and it happens every fucking day. By itself it's just life right? Ups and downs ... the problem is that when I start feeling down and spiralling out of control, I take others down with me. 
I hate that ...

but life goes.
And as much as I want to have a one man pity party, nobody really gives a shit so whats the point.  My self pity solves nothing and nothing gets done, making matters even worse. 
The goal is to be consistent ... 

Cya tomorrow 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Birth to Awake

6 skulls were created representing a cycle broken.
all 6 skulls were hand painted with mixed media on thick watercolor paper.

prints and tshirts available at REDBUBBLE

In my own mind these words come easily.
When I try to commit them to print ... it gets very difficult to recapture the emotions I wanted to express when the thought first presented itself.
So I need to be careful, and thoughtful, regarding the words that I choose to use.

And perhaps I should just use less words.
Get to the point sooner.

Today, which is actually now tomorrow's yesterday, I repeated a pattern that I have repeated again and again in the last 5 or more years. It has to stop. I tell myself I will stop, yet I do it again and expect different results each time ... but ya know what? I keep getting the same results.

Am I insane?
Or is it something deeper, more complex and so enormously personal and lifetime spanning huge that I have been unable to see it?

Going with insanity plea is easier and helps to remove any personal accountability.

Maybe it's the real reason that I do the things I do. 

Everything I do is my fault, it's obvious right? No one makes me, I choose to do things.
But the real question is WHY do I do the things that I do. 

The answer to that is never going to be easy to explain, and as much as I want to try, and may try from time to time, I will try to keep the explaining to a minimum.

I'll keep much of myself to myself and hopefully show some progress and success through my actions from this day forward. 

Enjoy your days!!