Sunday, November 23, 2014

Let the blood flow

I was bleeding, and I hate letting good art supplies go to waste, so I grabbed my brush and some paper and started painting while the blood flowed.
you can own the original here
4x6 blood painting ... a self portrait of sorts.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Blending In by Standing Out

I was looking around at art websites and when I do that I start comparing myself to them and I start thinking "Damn I wish I drew that good" ... and other thoughts like that. Then I got my paper and paints in line and started creating. As I threw the paint on the page I began thinking about how if I drew like them then I wouldn't be drawing like me. And how can you stand out by drawing just like someone else ... you can't. You eventually blend in while trying to stand out.
So ... I keep going along my path ... drawing and writing and creating the only way I can.

This piece has an image area of 8x11 inches, mostly watercolor and a bit of ink on 300lb cold pressed watercolor paper. It's up for auction for 48 hours with the starting bid at $30 ... or you could buy it now by going to my store.

3 stories

Every story has more than 1 side ... and when dealing with 3 people there's often 3 stories. His, hers and the truth. At least that's how it is in my house when my kids fight with each other.
This image is based on one of those fights, and the eventual time outs that everyone recieved. I never did learn the truth about who started it.
Starting bid on this one is $20 - leave your bid in the comments or go here to buy it now:

I'm continuing to list my artworks for sale and auction. The auctions last for about 24 hours, when they end the highest bidder in the comments wins it, or if there are no bids I close the auction and it remains for sale in my shop.

Deaths Mask

Over the last couple weeks I've been exploring muted colors and bold lines. This a skull I painted a few days back and I call it Deaths Mask. It's looking to the future as am I, wondering where my art is leading.

I'm going to sell it in a 24 hour auction with a starting bid of $20. If you want to bid on it, leave a comment below with your bid. If you want to buy it now its available here: