Sunday, July 26, 2015


A few weeks ago I painted this zombie baseball player while watching my sons at baseball practice. Obviously I was inspired by them and their hats, which this baseball hat is sort of fashioned after. It's crazy how much attention you get when you pull out your paints and paper and start creating something. Everyone wants to see, and then the questions start ...

This little zombie ball playing dude is available in my shop.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

BeardO WeirdO ... now with real BEARD

The TechnoViking has nothing on the booze guzzling, bird flipping Bearded Zombie.

I painted a zombie and then glued real beard hair to it because real beard hair makes for a better bearded zombie. Who's with me? It was a fun experiment, and one that I will try again, but I have a much better idea for how to get the beard on the painting.

This bearded bastard is up for sale too
Just look at the beard ... LOOK AT IT!!
my wife doesn't want to touch it HAHA!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

2 Guys gone the way of the Z

Ah the blog, the good 'ol seldom updated blog. What am I to do with it? Keep it, trash it, just keep posting and updating sporadically like it was the plan all along or actually get serious and start putting more work and updates on here?
I'll think about it ... get back to you tomorrow ... or the next day.
In the mean time ... here's 2 guys that were going about their day, hanging out, doing their thing, when all of a sudden WHAM!

They're zombies.

This is a somewhat olderish drawing that I revamped. I dig it, but the guy in the back looks a little to much like +matthew rappaport for my tastes :P so I'm offering it up for just $20 and free shipping.
Click here to get it.

Friday, July 3, 2015

EYE see what you did thaaaAAARRRR!!

zombie portrait of Cobalt Please

It has been one hell of a tough month for me and mine. Without going in to a lot of details I'll just say health for everyone here is doing better, but other issues will be life long. Everything all at once was enough to make me just quit the internet for a while. I haven't been online in any real capacity except to post a few sketches a couple weeks back, and to paint this zombie portrait.

The photo doesn't really do the image justice ... so much is lost on the screen.

There are other things I have created while offline and I'll be rolling those out over the next few days, and I'm also about to launch a new indiegogo campaign ... so stay tuned.