Friday, July 3, 2015

EYE see what you did thaaaAAARRRR!!

zombie portrait of Cobalt Please

It has been one hell of a tough month for me and mine. Without going in to a lot of details I'll just say health for everyone here is doing better, but other issues will be life long. Everything all at once was enough to make me just quit the internet for a while. I haven't been online in any real capacity except to post a few sketches a couple weeks back, and to paint this zombie portrait.

The photo doesn't really do the image justice ... so much is lost on the screen.

There are other things I have created while offline and I'll be rolling those out over the next few days, and I'm also about to launch a new indiegogo campaign ... so stay tuned.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

the rumours of my demise ...

... have been slightly exaggerated.

It has been a while since the sickness struck, but this time it hit extra hard. Knocked me out for days and kept me offline even longer. Add to that a massive amount of anxiety about health, my eldest child and her recent absolute disdain for school and the fact that the electricity nearly got shut off last week ... all I wanted to do was stay in bed. I couldn't and I didn't because I put the family first and I had to take care of them ... but the internet was heavily avoided. I just couldn't bring myself to take part in online discussions, let alone making new posts. Even today I just feel like lying in bed and avoiding the online world, but my family needs to eat so I need to post art and hopefully sell something to get food on the table. It's a tough gig earning your living being an artist and there are many days I wish I could just get a full time job and not stress out so much.

Anyways ... I'm back ... sort of.
This image is loosely based on the first image I created that convinced me I can actually do some decent zombie artwork. It's available here.

There are a pile of emails that are awaiting responses, so if you're one of those that are waiting to hear from me, I appreciate your patience.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

I live in fear

Zombies often think that the other monsters have it easy. Maybe they do. Werewolves and vampires can often pass as normal regular people. They hunt with purpose and feed regularly. If they get wounded or cut, they often heal up easily enough.
Zombies though ... constant struggle to find anything to eat. When you do finally find something it often runs away ... or worse ... it attacks. If a zombie gets cut or loses a limb, it's not healing up or growing back. Damage is permament. 
And forget trying to blend in with society. If the tattered clothes and rotting flesh aren't enough of a clue that they don't fit in, the smell is a dead give away.

Yeah ... some other monsters have it easy.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Mayhem on Monday

If ever there was a day to stay in bed it was today ... though it isn't possible, especially when you're a zombie. You barely sleep if you sleep at all, you can't think for all the confusion of the day, and to top it off your priorities of finding brains to nom are all consuming.
Panic attacks and nausea are always there, hiding just behind the lifeless eyes. The others are also seeking to take your attention away from the main task. They take your time, causing the goal of finding food to slip away again.
It's a daily struggle and the struggle is real.

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