Wednesday, June 29, 2011

wednesday ... whatevah!

So it's been one of those days where everything seems to want to go the right way, but at the last minute it goes the other. That happens daily around here. So WHATEVER!

Had a great conversation with the owner of Posers Gallery here in town ... I always feel better after talking with like minded individuals. Speaking of which ... the maniacal Martin Brandt offered up his encouragement during a IM chat and I played a loop of him on Vyou ( or whatever its called ) and it was funny as hell. Kept looking up at me from his book ... and inspired me to doodle him out a bit. A bit of a warm up doodle at any rate.

IF you want a charactiture of yourself, or a zombie portrait, send me an email.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the trouble with todays tuesday

Let's give a round of applause for unnecessary alliteration folks!
I tell ya, the day started off to early and hasn't really gone very well from the word go. Life with kids is a challenge at the best of times, but today I could just about pack my bags, hop a train and live my life as a hobo. If I was a total asshat ... which I'm not. Sure I'm an asshat, but not a total one. I could rant for a while but then I'd just be wasting more time, and I need to waste as little as I can.

Still cranking on the new BuyZombie website design, a little tougher than I originally hoped but it's coming along, you folks with big screens will really dig it. Also been pushing hard on getting some existing graphics of mine on to tshirts and anxious to start getting them on other products and pimping the hell out of it. On top of that I have some comics to draw and a fundraising campaign to organize and promote, an art show coming up on July 4th at which I will be doing zombie art demos and portraits.

Last night I spoke with a WPG dude on facebook about doing some art for his zombie anthology magazine and going to the Central Canada Comic Con in October. He got me extremely jazzed for that and it looks like I will be attending ... so I need to get my shiAt DONE. So today its all BZ and nothing else.

But I am trying to keep this daily, so here are a couple of sketchbook heads with a touch of photoshop color on one of them.
Cya tomorrow

Monday, June 27, 2011

chicken zombie - revisited

Which came first, the chicken zombie or the rotten embryo? This is the secret KFC doesn't want you to know about. Zombie chickens ready to peck your clucking brains from your skull.
You may remember this image from earlier on ... it's been tweaked in photoshop and displayed in 2 different ways, and is now available as a shirt in my spreadshop store.

I'm going back over some of my more popular images as well as some that never saw the light of day and getting them made in to some sort of product. Many people have been asking for coffee and travel mugs so those things are on the horizon. All this just takes time and my biggest project right now is finishing off the new website design for Once that's done it will be more tshirts as well as web comic pages and nothing else.

Oh, and July will be a month of some give aways for people that own one of my shirt designs. Thats all I'm saying for now ... back to

Friday, June 24, 2011


I was hoping to post a witty title but nothing is coming to mind. Sometimes wit just isn`t needed, more matter hard much you want it.
So it`s the end of the work week and my productivity will soon come to an end, sorta. The weekend looms and the kids are anxious to go to water parks and other outdoor stuff. All in all it has been pretty good. Better than previous weeks.

The image below was a rough sketch, one of dozens, made for a publisher that wanted to promote the word DEAD for their books. My shit is to cartoony for them, not enough realism for their liking. They want the painted, sorta real, type imagery that you find most other places. So it was rejected, just like nearly every other idea and concept I gave them. To messy, to simple, not what I had envisioned at all, etc etc yadda yadda ya ...

Really freaked me out inside my own head. Totally fubared me for a while and even now it creeps in and threatens to make a mess again. So now I don`t work with them anymore. Haven`t in months and it`s for the best. I don`t think I will ever work for a publisher like that again. To restricting and smothering.

So anyways ... here`s an image that was condemed to hell but brought back to life like a cast member of Supernatural. Revamped and super charged from the original doodle.

As I mentioned in my last post, I am trying to turn this in to my J O B ... so I have started taking designs I like and putting them on shirts. Eventually I want to own my own silkscreen machine but until then, its the experts at spreadshirt that are doing it for me. Check my store here, it`s a tad bare at the moment, but I just started.
Also, if you have any ideas or suggestions, please do let me know. Cheers.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ok, here's what happened

Life did its thing again ... ups and downs man, ups and down.

But anyways ... besides being a crazy 2 weeks or so art has been done and my studio is once again mine. Mostly. Now we're working together to insure I start treating this whole art career thing as an actual career instead of just a whimsical waste of time and talents. So far productivity has been increasing, word or mouth is beginning to spread again and I feel pretty damn good about the whole future of me and mine.
Below is one of the first images I drew once I got the studio set up ... its rather large and I'll probably keep working on it until its hangable. (is that a word?)

Project wise, I have a few that are still on going. One of which is currently in the works with BuyZombie. It's a little hush hush right now. One project I just finished was for theDeadBallClub. The awesome people at RoughRide Creations contacted me and asked me to draw up a zombie baseball. Sadly, because of how my life was structured this simple little job took much longer than it should have ... but it did get done. Below you will see some samples of the work in progress, and the final results. They are pleased with how it turned out so it's all good.
4 balls - there were actually about 20+ drawn, but these are some of the better ones
the big ball photoshopped up - i normally don't do the 'copyright' thingy but in this case i did. meh
the final logo and you can see it in action at