Tuesday, November 30, 2010

tomorrow is December

Today is the last day of November ... tomorrow is December ... blah blah blah. For the next month I will hear too much Christmas music and happy holiday wishes from companies I have never heard of ... and the imagery ... I don't even want to start talking about it. ITS TOO MUCH!!!!!

I won't whine ... I will just draw images like this:

Monday, November 29, 2010

shadow of the zombie

I don't really have much to say ... the weekend was rough and this week has started out even rougher. Snow storm today continuing into tomorrow with no end in sight for this winter and its not even officially winter yet. I shall survive, I always do. The only good thing about winter ... it slows the zombies down to a crawl.

Anyways ... this image is a sketch card that I have done ... pen and watercolor ... I particularity like the shadow.

Friday, November 26, 2010

night of the living dead :reloaded

Just as a hoot and to pass some time away from the computer I took a stab at a frame for the animated Night of the Living Dead ... a bunch of artists each do 1 frame to make a whole animation. You can learn a bit more about it on facebook. Check the videos they have to get an even better understanding. It's pretty cool.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

zombie at the typewriter

It was requested 10 years ago, or a few weeks ... I can't remember. All I know is that last night I was doodling at the table while the kids ran amok and this zombie started taking shape. About that time I remembered a request for an image so I spent a few more minutes on it and turned it into the direction that I needed and here it is. See it in action over at roughridecreations.com

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

santa zombie

This is an image I created a little while back and I've been wanting to use it for sometime. Maybe a print or a magnet or something ... but nothing came to mind until today. Well my fiends ... today I present the Santa Zombie Shirt, available at abovethepants.com.

This santa doesn't care if you're bad or good, he just wants to find you when you're sleeping and eat your brains.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

experiment in size

Been working on a website for much of today trying to finish it off and get it off my plate. I'm surprised the dude hasn't killed me yet ... just goes to show how great he is. Anyways - needed a break so I spent a small amount of time doodling and painting on a larger scale - but I have nothing big enough to scan it so i took a picture and here it is ...

I cropped it to see if you can tell it was photographed rather than scanned ... lots alright imo. I want to work bigger these days.

rejected zombie

I wasn't the most pleased with this after I made it and getting it rejected just made sense and that's okay. I won't stop the killing just because of one little rejection ... I'll kill more ... and more ... and more until the snow turns red and the holidays are ruined for all save those that see the darkness for the truth that it reveals. It's going to be a RED christmas

Thursday, November 18, 2010

allisons zombie monster

I'm busier than I've ever been lately ... it feels like I'm being pulled in 8 directions at once. I'm pleased with it all, don't get me wrong, and I know there will be a time when it is slow again, but DAMN!

Thats about all I will say about that ... to help me out Allison has donated the following image for today. She is learning about construction lines and inking. She's my little prodigy.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

watercolor print

Here's an experiment I tried a couple days ago ... I had a high res image scanned in of this drawing ...

I printed it out on my new handy dandy printer on to watercolor paper and then painted it. The final result is this ...

Turned out better than I thought it would. I might do more of these in the future to play around with and try new painting techniques. What do you think?

Monday, November 15, 2010

all in the undead family

This is my first family zombie portrait that I was commissioned for, and it turned out rather well considering my reference was 4 different photos of varying quality and size. It's a gift for his eldest daughter and he is very pleased with the result. This will be my last portrait going online for a while because my latest requests have asked me to not publish them because they are gifts. If you want me to zombify yourself or a special someone, let me know by email ... the deadilne for getting mail out in time for the holidays is fast approaching.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

southern zombie

This undead dude is the hubby of yesterdays undead dudette ... their marriage vows obviously didn't include 'til death due us part because they're still together after death. Total dedication.

If you want to get yourself zombified, or would like to get a friend done for holidays or just because, send me an email and I'll hook you up. Until the new year 5x7's are only $25 ... so gets yours before its too late.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Winklerite gets zombified

This is one of the locals that I zombified recently. I also did her husband and I'll post it tomorrow. This is one of my most recent zombifications and one that I did right after that image where I leveled up. The coolest thing about this lady and her hubby ... besides having a love for the undead, is that their anniversary is on Halloween.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

computer problems

What is worse than computer problems? Well ... probably a whole bunch of things are worse but in the heat of the moment when your computer isn't even connecting to the internet thats the only problem in the world. It's one of those frustrating problems too, the kinds that a 12 year old could probably fix in 5 minutes but some old fart like me can't resolve to save my life. Anyways - because of that I couldn't get my other 2 portraits online so here are the last of the Friesen family ... son and grandson.

Again, they look way better in person but whatcha gonna do.
New stuff tomorrow - and time is running out if you want to get your zombie portrait in time for the holidays.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

zombie level up

It might not look like it, but this is the image that helped me level up in my skill set, if I can call it that. Just a lazy day doodle with a bic pen, but I did it on one of my 'low' days when I felt a bit crappy about my skills, and I pushed it further than I normally do. I colored it today to show you all what I saw a little easier. The portraits that I will post tomorrow are a direct result of pushing myself with this image. Side note ... should i post just once a day, or whenever the hell I feel like it?

portraits out the ...

As I have mentioned here and elsewhere, the Dark Art show that was held in Morden was a somewhat success. Some people loved it, others may have hated it, the turn out was less than what I hoped and closer to what I expected. Not everything was in our favor either though. There was a comic con happening close at hand as well as a cd release party, plus the ad in the paper came out a day later than it was supposed to. Still, overallit was a success and people in my area know that a zombie artist walks amongst them and I know that zombie love exists in southern manitoba. Win - Win.

ANYWAYS - lots of zombie portraits lately, and they keep coming. These next 2 are a couple of younger than me kids ... the first one is an artist and I recieved a bit of a glam shot of her, so I had to remove a lot of her hair and tear up the part of her face I couldn't see. Jabbed a few paint brushes in her head because it was the only weapon I had close at hand. Didn't work, she's still out there searching for brains.

The second image is of a gamer guy so I imagined the government trying some sort of zombie mind control with him ... which obviously ended in tragedy for the government as he got loose and killed everyone he found.
I will post more portraits tomorrow - and I keep getting more orders. Even family portraits are getting requested. Because of all this recent interest I have decided to keep my prices where they were for October ... a full color 5 x 7 zombie portrait is going to remain just $25 and that will include shipping inside North America. Internationals will have to pay a small fee for shipping. If you are interested in getting zombified, send me an email. If you want a family portrait done, let me know the details and I'll give you a quote.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


This lovely zomBie lady baked some amazingly creepy looking cupcakes for the Dark Art Exhibit that I was part of last week. As part of her zombification I made sure that part of her hobby showed through ... smashed cupcake and a spatula stuck in her head. Obviously it didn't pierce her brain so she's still out there ... looking to turn your brain into a batch of cupcakes.

This is her ... pre zombie.

And then there's this dude, who's married to the lady above. They used to live happily ever after with their son ( who you'll see later ) until the zombie appocalyspe began. They all got turned when they went out to McD's for a quick supper. They should have turned back when they saw the police cruiser crash into a group of slow walking people but it was probably shock and disbelief, or an incredible desire to play mcdonalds monopoly that kept them on course for the golden arches. Whatever it was, they no longer have a bigmac attack ... its all braAaains now.
This is the dude 2 days before the infection.

As a side note - the artwork looks terrible online. No matter what i do with the levels and colors in photoshop it doesn't look nearly as good as the real life image. Just saying

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

have you seen my cat

So Halloween is over for another year, nothing to do now but plan for the next one ... unless of course you go insane for that other holiday ... you know the one ... christmas. I started seeing christmas ads before Halloween and that always bums me out. For the next 2+ months we have to endure countless seasons greetings and other banalities from companies you have never heard of, or even care about.

Well not here ... I am making it my pledge to go out of my way to ruin everything that has made christmas more about selling overpriced crap to people already living beyond their means. You'll definatly feel some christmas spiROT when im finished with you.

Anyways ... the kitties were drawn at the art show for my daughter. She likes cats.