Thursday, June 11, 2015

the rumours of my demise ...

... have been slightly exaggerated.

It has been a while since the sickness struck, but this time it hit extra hard. Knocked me out for days and kept me offline even longer. Add to that a massive amount of anxiety about health, my eldest child and her recent absolute disdain for school and the fact that the electricity nearly got shut off last week ... all I wanted to do was stay in bed. I couldn't and I didn't because I put the family first and I had to take care of them ... but the internet was heavily avoided. I just couldn't bring myself to take part in online discussions, let alone making new posts. Even today I just feel like lying in bed and avoiding the online world, but my family needs to eat so I need to post art and hopefully sell something to get food on the table. It's a tough gig earning your living being an artist and there are many days I wish I could just get a full time job and not stress out so much.

Anyways ... I'm back ... sort of.
This image is loosely based on the first image I created that convinced me I can actually do some decent zombie artwork. It's available here.

There are a pile of emails that are awaiting responses, so if you're one of those that are waiting to hear from me, I appreciate your patience.