Friday, April 29, 2011

Stephen Harper is finally turning ...

G R E E N !
Well, that would be nice, but sadly it isn't true. So the closest I can get him to being green is to give him a little zombification. At least he doesn't look so damn plastic now. I'm also not normally very political but I've been starting to get into it a bit more these last few months. So on Monday, I go vote.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

when is yard work

too much??
Probably when you start to unearth the bodies you had buried a few years back by being a little over zealous in your attempts at removing the weeds that have overtaken the flowerbed. Should have dug the graves a little deeper.
Anyways - pretty much finished up the last of the yard work and had a chance to doodle a little while the kids played outside. Going to take the weekend easy and start back on the webcomics on Monday.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

saved by my kids

So I don't really have a zombie today ... haven't been inside long enough to actually even draw anything. Shopping, spring cleaning and an evening wiener roast with the kids describes my day. But in an effort to keep posting daily, here is a 'trailer' of sorts ... of the comic my kids have started to develop.
Drawn at break neck speeds a week ago as they all shouted different ideas and giggled the whole time. It's 3/5/8 year old humor at its finest.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

paper towel roll ...


So I was looking around for something to do while waiting for the kids to fall asleep and I saw all these paper towel rolls we were going to send to my sons kindergarten class and thought to have some fun with one.

Of course one of my kids saw what I was doing and now my wife is convinced I will be making at least 2 more of these tomorrow so that each kid has one.

Could be a good thing ... or it might all go horribly wrong.

Monday, April 25, 2011

cosmic villian has been ...

Z O M B I F I E D !

I have been presented with the task of doing some known characters as zombies and haven't really gotten in to it much ... until tonight when I tackled Thanos. This started just as a doodle for the hell of it since I've never drawn him before but he was a lot of fun to work with and I kept drawing him and this is the final result for tonight. Many more characters are going to come down the pipe in the next few weeks ... if you have one you would like to see, or own, leave a comment.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

whenever I start

something interrupts me.
Usually it's one of my kids needing something, or stirring up some shit with a sibling ... or on occasion doing something dangerously stupid. So I have to get up and intervene. It's the life of a parent. Then when I get back to the drawing I forget where I was, or what I was doing, and it takes a while to get back into "theGROOVE".

Then ... just as I started getting into the swing of things again ... something interrupts me.
It's a vicious cycle.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

security guards are going to help ...

themselves to your brains.
This was a commission for a "nice" guy who runs a security team of sorts. At least that's what I've gleamed from the info I read about him. Had to stalk him a bit to make sure he was legit, and not out to get me. Still not sure if its a security team of a zombie defense team or if he's running some sort of covert black ops team ... it doesn't really matter though. In the end he's just going to be another slab of meat for the zombies.

I'm mailing it out with a couple other goodies next week.

If you want your own zombie, drop me a line or find me on facebook or twitter.

Monday, April 18, 2011

the only good cat

is an undead cat. Well, considering how cats are such jerks and quietly plotting our deaths, an undead cat would most likely be a terrible thing. A horde of undead cats would be a real friggin' nightmare. This image was inspired by my own cat Charlie ... who whines like a damn banshee until he is fed. Then when he's done eating everything in his bowl he whines for more. He's old (15yrs) so we put up with it, occasionally squirting him with a water gun to shut him up for a while.
This next image is a preview of the return of my webcomic Rise of the Zombie. The ember of desire to finish this has suddenly exploded in to an inferno and I've been plotting it out like made and doing lots of sketches as well. Once I have my few client projects and commisions out of the way I am going to focus solely on the comic monsterBAD and Rise of the Zombie.

Friday, April 15, 2011

they call him FRANK

FRANKenStine ... created by my kids crowded around me on the floor shouting out directions all at once. I tried my best to keep up with their demands but it was hard ... mistakes were made, quality was sacraficed in an attempt to appease the brashness of youth.
1 eye, 2 noses, 5 ears, 8 toes on each foot, 8 fingers on each hand except 1 which only has a finger and a thumb because the other fingers got bitten off by a zombie. He's nakes, no, he's wearing underwear, long skinny neck, bone arms, and it went on and on ... what we have left is what you see ... and the comical tales of FRANKenStine may be coming to a monitor near you. Directed by kids and drawn by a dementedly delighted dad.
extra details like the scars, cracked toenails and dripping blood added by Allison

Thursday, April 14, 2011

out of my head

and on to the paper ... for better or worse.

Family life keeping me busy, plus lots of work getting ready for August and OCTOBER. On top of that the weather is getting nicer so there's lots of outside time ( moving bodies previously covered with snow, digging shallow graves, etc )

I haven't been able to keep this daily because of everything going on, but a question I have for the 3 or 4 regular readers is ... do you want it daily even if its just doodles and scrapbook type stuff or just post finished and more complete works?

anyhoo - back to the digging

Monday, April 11, 2011


It's just over half a year before Posers Gallery has its 2nd DARK ART exhibit and I plan on having a huge amount of work on display there. I'm brainstorming ideas and one of them is to do a bunch of iconic character zombie portraits ... like a teddy bear, amongst others. Could be neat having a wall of art devoted to zombified childrens toys

Saturday, April 9, 2011

trash mind

For the past few weeks there has been a build up of trash in my mind. Too many projects, too many distractions, too many doubts ... all in all just too much stuff. I've purged much of that already and there is still a little bit left to go but lately things have been getting brighter ... if that's possible for someone that is constantly drawing dead things.

None the less, I have been finding my creative drive once again and these large spontaneous pieces have been a great help. And there are more on the way.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

space slugs

Yeah I know ... space slugs are not zombies.
Are you wondering why this dipsh*t posting space slugs on a zombie blog?

Well I'll tell ya why ... because it's my GD blog that's why. And I think the space slugs webcomic is funny, my friend Nicholas P Myers drew this and was nice enough to send me a high res version to color. I didn't do it justice but it was fun, and only printed out to 4x6. I'm going to try an 8x10 sometime in the near future.

Anyways ... lots more zombie images coming, as early as tomorrow.

Monday, April 4, 2011

maybe you thought i was dead

or maybe you hoped I was, or perhaps hoping I will be soon.

To bad for you.

That's about all I have to say for now.