Wednesday, August 26, 2009

my zombie child

This past weekend was the Morden Corn and Apple festival. Its southern Manitoba's last hurrah before summer vacation is over. It boasts one of the largest parades in Manitoba as well. We missed the parade, went to a park instead and the kids had a great time. After lunch we went to the festival, had some free corn and apple juice, watched a live band play the blues, went to a petting zoo, pony rides and then face painting. All the stares that we got for my boy being painted like a zombie was priceless. One little girl in particular was so freaked out she nearly walked into a lamp post because she kept watching my zombie boy instead of where she was walking. As bad as that would have been for her, I probably would have chuckled.
And just to be fair, here are my other 2 kids, who decided not to be zombies.
More art tomorrow

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

missed monday

Just a little update image that was colored in illustrator. Done really quick for the ske of an update and as a distraction from all the scanning I've been doing today. I'm trying to milk this day as much as possible and get overdue stuff done. I hope I haven't jinxed it.

Friday, August 21, 2009

a new beginning of sorts

WTF happened? Who cares, you're not really here to read about the ups and downs of my life.
Or are you?
I'm hoping you are here to see some zombies, and watch my artwork progress. Maybe? Well, for whatever reason you are here, and I have a new ( at least new for me ) technique that I am trying these days. I'm trying to clean up my drawings without killing the energy. Since I'm weak at inking still I am trying illustrator. I have mixed feeling about the results so far.

So here is the original scan on the left. The only tweak is adjusting the levels in photoshop. On the right is the same image but made into vector using illustrator.
And then colored it in illustrator for shits and giggles.

So what do you think?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

page 10 online

Latest page of the Zombie webcomic is online. Check it out here. In other news, my youngest son just got into my green paint and covered himself with it. He's gone zombie.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

brain food

The image was created over a period of several days. One of my first real attempts at doing an actual 'finished' image. Started with pencils, then inks then color. Finished result isn't as great as the image in my head, but at least it is done. I'm coming to grips with my need to stop just doodling and actually produce finished pieces.

The scanning job sucks but my scanner sucks for large format images. I need a bigger scanner. Any suggestions?

Monday, August 3, 2009

getting a head

Or just getting ahead. Been doing a lot of scanning for the Dead Future project and its really quite time consuming. I don't have a large scanner, or a newish one, so to scan 11x17 takes a few tries, and then pasting them together in photoshop adds on more time. And stress. Throw in a few kids and it makes me want to throw something. Or some one. hmmmm.

Anyways. Above image drawn on the new discard paper my brother gave me and it works pretty damn well. No bleeding or smudging. Free paper is happiness.

deadfuture preview page

This is a preview page from the upcoming DEAD FUTURE project I have been working on. It is being released by the folks at Grim Crew. It should be coming out by October. I will keep everyone updated. Yes, everyone.