Monday, March 31, 2014

blind grief


Jerry Garcia gone Z

A couple weeks back I had a pay what you want type event for fun and I had a lot of interesting requests. One of them was for Jerry Garcia requested by +Greg Johns . I've always imagnined Jerry Garcia as an almost mystical being ... and then at the same time also a sort of 'teddy bear' ... that last part may be due to a stuffed Jerry Garcia my sister had, complete with missing finger tip.
When I began this image, I started with the parts I associated with him the most ... his white beard and crazy hair. I kept it all very loose and tried to instill an ethereal feeling to the image ... and then the blood came. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spiralling Out of Control

A self portrait of sorts ... life spiralling out out of control ... it will all work out in the end ... probably.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


This is my first #caturday post since I revamped the Daily Zombie. I had thought about doing a 'how to draw a zombie cat' type post but then my better half reminded me that today is the day we take our kids to Jam Can curling. So that's out ... this time. I wonder if I should do some how to draw videos though ... what are your thoughts?

As for the image ... just throwing paint around and letting it take its own shape ... this cat seems to pop up quite often in my drawings.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Tired Zombie

Today has been a long day that started early, and won't end for many hours yet.
Tired artist is tired.
The boys decided that today would be a good day to wake up at 5am ... and not go back to bed. Today has also been all about parent teacher interviews ... all 3 zomblets have been doing great in school, so that was great. Then it was hauling more artwork and prints off to the post office to mail. That's something I dread doing ... putting the work out there in to the world and hoping that it arrives to it's final destination. There have been times when it has taken just mere days to arrive ... other times it has taken weeks or even months from when I send it off. Quite frustrating and costly too ... Canada post isn't cheap.
That being said, I have nearly everything in the mail, so if you're waiting for something its probably on its way. I have 1 last batch of zombie minion prints to mail off, which should happen next week ...
Speaking of selling and mailing ... if you want some zombie art check out my shop, you can find a lot of originals (like the doodle above) and prints. I am actually thinking about getting out of selling artwork a little and leaning more towards mass producing some items ... more on that in the near future.
I need a nap.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ginger Thursday

For the last few months I have been drawing the same zombie lady over and over again ... her name is Jessica and she is the undead brain child of +Rin Evil Eye . This version is a red headed version which I now share with you for #gingerthursday . I will probably try to draw her a few more times just because but I think this might be one of the better versions.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

trying to keep warm in the never ending winter

Took refuge from the cold by working upstairs in the living room today. I'm prepping a circular board for a future project and working on a few more portraits for the 1000 zombies project. I'm still taking more commissions for the 1000 zombies project, but I might stop that temporarily soon as I focus a bit more on my graphic novel. So if you want to see yourself with undead eyes ... better act fast. ;)

I'm also working on an idea for a rather unique collectable zombie item, but still a little hesitant to say more. If I do go ahead with it I'll be starting up a kickstarter campaign in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.
I do wonder though ... how many of you would be interested in a zombie collectable item?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

She sees beyond

There are times when I seem to drift off while I paint or draw ... and from time to time I completely forget what I was attempting. This is one of those times ... or rather an accumulation of several reoccurring instances.
I don't really remember how this got started but at one point I had a lot of white acrylic paint on it, which eventually smeared when I applied a new coat of watercolor, which also smeared a few days later as I tweaked the image again. Last night I started to draw on it but can't remember where I began or how this lady appeared and now I'm putting it away ... for now.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Bringing back the daily ...

With no new posts since last year, everyone thought the Daily Zombie was finally dead. But just like a zombie it's come back to life and finds itself shambling out of the shadows and ready to spread the infection.

Seriously, it has been a long time and life has become busier than I ever thought possible, and not all of it involves zombies ... but the zombies still hold a majority. I have started up a new blog called The Way of the Zombie and it's going to primarily focus on day to day life of being a zombie artist. The first real post should be happening today.

In other news the 1000 zombies project continues to roll along and I've updated the look of this blog and I've been working on the look and feel of the main site

Still open for commissions, so hit me up.