Friday, January 2, 2015

Thirty Heads 3 of 30 - Dave

The locals called me dumpster Dave.
They were nice to me, the locals.
From time to time people from other neighbourhoods would come and torment me though.
Sometimes the police would torment me too.

Then one day it all stopped and the rules changed.
Now no one torments me.
Now I roam the streets and attack the weak and the strong.
I have become the tormentor to those that once tormented me.
Let them sleep uneasy and fear the night.

+++ Dave +++
the first in a series of 30 #zombie heads
one template, 30 creations. Each unique yet similar.
$30 each, includes a free download of high res poster featuring all 30 zombie heads as well as a free download of the ebook containing all 30 zombies (coming jan.5)
One of the 30 will also receive an exclusive, one of a kind blood head. The 31st painting in a series of 30. You can own Ralph by clicking here: