Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the trouble with todays tuesday

Let's give a round of applause for unnecessary alliteration folks!
I tell ya, the day started off to early and hasn't really gone very well from the word go. Life with kids is a challenge at the best of times, but today I could just about pack my bags, hop a train and live my life as a hobo. If I was a total asshat ... which I'm not. Sure I'm an asshat, but not a total one. I could rant for a while but then I'd just be wasting more time, and I need to waste as little as I can.

Still cranking on the new BuyZombie website design, a little tougher than I originally hoped but it's coming along, you folks with big screens will really dig it. Also been pushing hard on getting some existing graphics of mine on to tshirts and anxious to start getting them on other products and pimping the hell out of it. On top of that I have some comics to draw and a fundraising campaign to organize and promote, an art show coming up on July 4th at which I will be doing zombie art demos and portraits.

Last night I spoke with a WPG dude on facebook about doing some art for his zombie anthology magazine and going to the Central Canada Comic Con in October. He got me extremely jazzed for that and it looks like I will be attending ... so I need to get my shiAt DONE. So today its all BZ and nothing else.

But I am trying to keep this daily, so here are a couple of sketchbook heads with a touch of photoshop color on one of them.
Cya tomorrow