Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ok, here's what happened

Life did its thing again ... ups and downs man, ups and down.

But anyways ... besides being a crazy 2 weeks or so art has been done and my studio is once again mine. Mostly. Now we're working together to insure I start treating this whole art career thing as an actual career instead of just a whimsical waste of time and talents. So far productivity has been increasing, word or mouth is beginning to spread again and I feel pretty damn good about the whole future of me and mine.
Below is one of the first images I drew once I got the studio set up ... its rather large and I'll probably keep working on it until its hangable. (is that a word?)

Project wise, I have a few that are still on going. One of which is currently in the works with BuyZombie. It's a little hush hush right now. One project I just finished was for theDeadBallClub. The awesome people at RoughRide Creations contacted me and asked me to draw up a zombie baseball. Sadly, because of how my life was structured this simple little job took much longer than it should have ... but it did get done. Below you will see some samples of the work in progress, and the final results. They are pleased with how it turned out so it's all good.
4 balls - there were actually about 20+ drawn, but these are some of the better ones
the big ball photoshopped up - i normally don't do the 'copyright' thingy but in this case i did. meh
the final logo and you can see it in action at