Monday, June 27, 2011

chicken zombie - revisited

Which came first, the chicken zombie or the rotten embryo? This is the secret KFC doesn't want you to know about. Zombie chickens ready to peck your clucking brains from your skull.
You may remember this image from earlier on ... it's been tweaked in photoshop and displayed in 2 different ways, and is now available as a shirt in my spreadshop store.

I'm going back over some of my more popular images as well as some that never saw the light of day and getting them made in to some sort of product. Many people have been asking for coffee and travel mugs so those things are on the horizon. All this just takes time and my biggest project right now is finishing off the new website design for Once that's done it will be more tshirts as well as web comic pages and nothing else.

Oh, and July will be a month of some give aways for people that own one of my shirt designs. Thats all I'm saying for now ... back to