Tuesday, November 9, 2010

portraits out the ...

As I have mentioned here and elsewhere, the Dark Art show that was held in Morden was a somewhat success. Some people loved it, others may have hated it, the turn out was less than what I hoped and closer to what I expected. Not everything was in our favor either though. There was a comic con happening close at hand as well as a cd release party, plus the ad in the paper came out a day later than it was supposed to. Still, overallit was a success and people in my area know that a zombie artist walks amongst them and I know that zombie love exists in southern manitoba. Win - Win.

ANYWAYS - lots of zombie portraits lately, and they keep coming. These next 2 are a couple of younger than me kids ... the first one is an artist and I recieved a bit of a glam shot of her, so I had to remove a lot of her hair and tear up the part of her face I couldn't see. Jabbed a few paint brushes in her head because it was the only weapon I had close at hand. Didn't work, she's still out there searching for brains.

The second image is of a gamer guy so I imagined the government trying some sort of zombie mind control with him ... which obviously ended in tragedy for the government as he got loose and killed everyone he found.
I will post more portraits tomorrow - and I keep getting more orders. Even family portraits are getting requested. Because of all this recent interest I have decided to keep my prices where they were for October ... a full color 5 x 7 zombie portrait is going to remain just $25 and that will include shipping inside North America. Internationals will have to pay a small fee for shipping. If you are interested in getting zombified, send me an email. If you want a family portrait done, let me know the details and I'll give you a quote.