Saturday, November 6, 2010


This lovely zomBie lady baked some amazingly creepy looking cupcakes for the Dark Art Exhibit that I was part of last week. As part of her zombification I made sure that part of her hobby showed through ... smashed cupcake and a spatula stuck in her head. Obviously it didn't pierce her brain so she's still out there ... looking to turn your brain into a batch of cupcakes.

This is her ... pre zombie.

And then there's this dude, who's married to the lady above. They used to live happily ever after with their son ( who you'll see later ) until the zombie appocalyspe began. They all got turned when they went out to McD's for a quick supper. They should have turned back when they saw the police cruiser crash into a group of slow walking people but it was probably shock and disbelief, or an incredible desire to play mcdonalds monopoly that kept them on course for the golden arches. Whatever it was, they no longer have a bigmac attack ... its all braAaains now.
This is the dude 2 days before the infection.

As a side note - the artwork looks terrible online. No matter what i do with the levels and colors in photoshop it doesn't look nearly as good as the real life image. Just saying