Friday, June 7, 2013

rising from the grave ... again

This image pretty much sums up how I've been feeling as of late. Being consumed by one of the things I enjoy most about art. The 1000 zombies project has left me feeling rather jaded and cynical about my work, and about my whole career path lately. So many portraits to draw ... its a long way to 1000. Also ... one of the pitfalls many artists seem to fall in to is one of self doubt and a big 'ol helping of self loathing. I had that in spades lately.

It's not easy being a stay home Dad trying to get bills paid and put food on the table by selling artwork. It's a tough gig. In a sense I am whoring myself out daily trying to convince people to hand over their hard earned dollars for a piece of my soul. That probably sounds a bit over dramatic but when I really look hard at what I do ... it is what it is. I want you to give me your money for a piece of artwork that I would often rather keep just for myself. This image has been sold to a wonderful fan who has already bought several of my pieces. I may never see the original again and to me, for me, that's a little sad.

But my kids need to eat, the hydro company wants cash ... so what am I to do?

Anyways ... blah blah blah lets all cry for Byron ...  it is what it is and while I do KNOW that ... the whole doubt and loathing starts to act up again.

So rather than just let it fester I've decided to REstart this blog and make it more about what goes on daily in the life of a stay home Dad who draws Zombies. Who knows where this will lead or what might come of it. I have grandious ideas of making it a sort of guide to help other artists that are starting a career path of selling their work online ... but thats a lot of work and I doubt I'm an expert in the field anyways.
So what I'm going to do is just sort of write about what I do daily, why I'm doing it, and perhaps give a few suggestions that might help others not make the same mistakes I've already made.

And then again this whole thing could just fizzle out again and stop being daily ... time will tell.

I feel sort of better now ... cheers!
oh ... and the whole layout might be changing so pardon any upcoming messes ... and go buy some of my stuff please!