Saturday, June 8, 2013

work when you can ... wherever you can

One problem that many artists face is finding time to get to the studio and get their ART on. Being a stay home Dad with 3 kids and all sorts of different kinds of busy I need to work wherever the hell I am. So ... a long time ago on the advice of my art mentor I bought a tackle box. The kind you use for fishing. Nearly everything I need to draw or paint can be stored in it, and I can take it everywhere. If I cut my paper down to 4x6 sizes ( or a bit bigger ) it can go in the box too. Small container with a tight sealed cap works well to hold some water and I'm all set.

So ... now when I only have 10 minutes to myself between putting the kids to bed and spending some QT with the MRS I can open it up, grab what I need and draw and paint until I'm dragged away from it. I've done this on the floor, at the kitchen table just before breakfast and even out on the deck while watching my 5 year old play in the sandbox. I've also taken the box with me to family get-togethers and various other outings.

The point is ... there's no excuse to not being able to find even a few minutes in the day to create some art. With some thought and creativity you can have something portable too. Even just a small sketchbook and a pen is all you need. Anyone out there have a small portable studio ... or at least something they carry with them most times? Let me know what you got!