Friday, June 7, 2013

frenzied friday

I could complain about all sorts of things. Pain, finances, hectic schedule, busy life with kids always on the verge of running late for everything. But what's the point. Everyone has been there at one point or another in their lives. It happens. If it wasn't for the super shitty or busy times we wouldn't realize when we're having the good times. The calm and relaxed times. So I'm not going to complain :)
Lucky you ...

Instead what I'm going to say is that during all these super busy stressed out shitty times, there are still minutes in the day when you can get something done. I'm trying hard to realize that life is busy and to keep an eye open for the times when I have 15 minutes or so to myself ... 15 minutes I can use to tweak an image in photoshop, or finish off an animated gif I was working on ... then post it to G+

Sometimes I have enough time between life gigs to do something spontaneously  .. like record myself drawing another zombie pic ... like the one at the top.

The point is ... if I don't keep an eye open for these few moments of free time, and take advantage of them when they present themselves, I won't get anything done. Even this blog is being written in the few minutes before supper when the kids are outside and the wife doesn't need me to do anything.