Sunday, June 9, 2013

how hungers the horde?

In a conversation with the uber talented abstract artist +Abigail Markov we started talking about creating art for the sheer joy of it, and creating art to pay the bills. We both agreed that it is far more fun and rewarding to attack the canvas and create without worrying about what a client wants, or what might sell as a print. We agreed that when we create like this, it is often more appealing to our audience as well as ourselves. So why can't we do this each and every time we enter the studio? 

It's actually a good question that I don't have an easy answer to. I have a lot of 'excuses' as to why I can't, but not actual hard reasons. It's something I'm going to ponder for the next day or 3 ... feel free to give feedback on this.

One other thing we discussed a little is trying to figure out what the audience wants. More art ... sure. Videos of the art being created perhaps? Want some liner notes or audio clips to go along with the video that describes why we do what we do when we do it? How about On air hangouts where you can chill with your favourite artists while they work? Exclusive access to digital files, prints or even first chance at seeing the latest work ... and first chance to purchase it?

Would you pay for any of that to help support your favourite artist ... even if its just a couple dollars a month? Would programs like  (or for Abigail ) be something you could put a few bucks behind?

See ... if more fans and admirers put a few dollars, or even just 1 per month towards their favourite artists, it would allow them to spend a few hours less worrying about how to find the money to buy food for their kids AND paint for their next project ... and then everyone wins. You get to say you're a patron of the arts, or in my case, the dark arts ... and the artist gets to work with a little less worry.

So that's my question to you all tonight. What would it take to convince you to donate a buck or two to support your favourite artist? What would make you PROUD to become a patron?