Friday, March 28, 2014

Tired Zombie

Today has been a long day that started early, and won't end for many hours yet.
Tired artist is tired.
The boys decided that today would be a good day to wake up at 5am ... and not go back to bed. Today has also been all about parent teacher interviews ... all 3 zomblets have been doing great in school, so that was great. Then it was hauling more artwork and prints off to the post office to mail. That's something I dread doing ... putting the work out there in to the world and hoping that it arrives to it's final destination. There have been times when it has taken just mere days to arrive ... other times it has taken weeks or even months from when I send it off. Quite frustrating and costly too ... Canada post isn't cheap.
That being said, I have nearly everything in the mail, so if you're waiting for something its probably on its way. I have 1 last batch of zombie minion prints to mail off, which should happen next week ...
Speaking of selling and mailing ... if you want some zombie art check out my shop, you can find a lot of originals (like the doodle above) and prints. I am actually thinking about getting out of selling artwork a little and leaning more towards mass producing some items ... more on that in the near future.
I need a nap.