Friday, April 15, 2011

they call him FRANK

FRANKenStine ... created by my kids crowded around me on the floor shouting out directions all at once. I tried my best to keep up with their demands but it was hard ... mistakes were made, quality was sacraficed in an attempt to appease the brashness of youth.
1 eye, 2 noses, 5 ears, 8 toes on each foot, 8 fingers on each hand except 1 which only has a finger and a thumb because the other fingers got bitten off by a zombie. He's nakes, no, he's wearing underwear, long skinny neck, bone arms, and it went on and on ... what we have left is what you see ... and the comical tales of FRANKenStine may be coming to a monitor near you. Directed by kids and drawn by a dementedly delighted dad.
extra details like the scars, cracked toenails and dripping blood added by Allison