Monday, April 18, 2011

the only good cat

is an undead cat. Well, considering how cats are such jerks and quietly plotting our deaths, an undead cat would most likely be a terrible thing. A horde of undead cats would be a real friggin' nightmare. This image was inspired by my own cat Charlie ... who whines like a damn banshee until he is fed. Then when he's done eating everything in his bowl he whines for more. He's old (15yrs) so we put up with it, occasionally squirting him with a water gun to shut him up for a while.
This next image is a preview of the return of my webcomic Rise of the Zombie. The ember of desire to finish this has suddenly exploded in to an inferno and I've been plotting it out like made and doing lots of sketches as well. Once I have my few client projects and commisions out of the way I am going to focus solely on the comic monsterBAD and Rise of the Zombie.