Monday, September 28, 2009

looking for love

in all the wrong places. Sure, its a really sad and lame joke that only a few people will get, but whatever. This poor shmuck doesn't care what you or anyone else thinks. Nope. He was on his way to visit his new girlfriend and celebrate their 3 month anniversary when he decided to be a good samaritan and help this old lady that looked like she got hit by a car. When he leaned over to see if she was okay she tried to bite him in the face. Her spit got in his eyes ... and you probably know the rest.

In other news, here is another cool looking zombie costume for halloween. This one would be awesome for my son. It really suits his build. Maybe in a few years I could convince him to wear it. This year he wants to be spiderman. Still cool, but seriously. A zombie child in a small rural town with a heavy religous slant. This would rock. Click the image to learn more about it or buy it for your child with a desire to scare other kids shitless.

Teen Jumbo Punk Zombie Costume