Friday, September 25, 2009

against the wall

I've been slacking in my zombie drawing lately, but i have been learning lots about the tablet. This isn't my best work, but by saving it as a gif and messing with the color palette it turned out alright. New post tomorrow if all goes well.

Also, I am going to be promoting some costumes for people wanting to be a zombie for halloween. I've come across an awesome site that has great costumes, so check it out.

Skeleton Zombie Adult Costume
This is the first zombie costume that I saw when browsing the site. Me and my wife joked about how this would scare the hell out of the kids when we volunteer to help at the school on Halloween party day. They would never ask us back.

This Skeleton Zombie Costume features a skeleton mask with gauze, a shirt and pants with gauze and bones. Gloves are also included and its a decent price too. Click the image to get more details.

Skeleton Zombie Adult Costume

click the image to go to the website to buy it