Sunday, March 14, 2010

finding time

The more I try to find the time to get my drawing done on the computer only, the more I realize that it will never work that way for me. At least not for a few years. So instead I am giving up. I will no longer strive to get all my work done on the computer, and settle with drawing on anything and everything, no matter where I am, when I have time to do it. And use the computer when the occasion arises to scan, upload, color or whatever.
Take the above image for example. Drawn on a piece of paper with a bic pen, scanned and colored today. Is it beautiful and flawless ... no ... but its a zombie afterall, and zombies aren't beautiful. At least its done, the site is updated, and my blood pressure went down by a couple of points. Whats even better though, is that I drew 8 more images at the same time, some of them even good enough to hang up ... or maybe sell.