Wednesday, August 26, 2009

my zombie child

This past weekend was the Morden Corn and Apple festival. Its southern Manitoba's last hurrah before summer vacation is over. It boasts one of the largest parades in Manitoba as well. We missed the parade, went to a park instead and the kids had a great time. After lunch we went to the festival, had some free corn and apple juice, watched a live band play the blues, went to a petting zoo, pony rides and then face painting. All the stares that we got for my boy being painted like a zombie was priceless. One little girl in particular was so freaked out she nearly walked into a lamp post because she kept watching my zombie boy instead of where she was walking. As bad as that would have been for her, I probably would have chuckled.
And just to be fair, here are my other 2 kids, who decided not to be zombies.
More art tomorrow