Tuesday, June 16, 2009

zombie broad

She's kinda cute in that I have my guts hanging out and I'm not ashamed to say it sort of way. Not really a girl you can bring home to mom though. Unless you don't like mom, then you could bring her home, through her in the house, shut the door and walk away listening to the screams. Good thing I like my mom.

Anywho. This is a doodle I did a day or two ago, and wasn't really planning on using. But since today was such a craptastrophy, why not. I didn't quite get the zombie portraits done like I wanted, but its close. Tomorrow for certain there will be at least 1 finished.

I'm also trying to get a few different designs done for the store, and there has been a small interest in getting prints of some of my doodles, or possibly a sketchbook of the undead. That would be awesome, but quite a long way off. Maybe if there is more interest down the road. For now though, sketch on!