Tuesday, May 31, 2016

zombie in jeans

Please excuse all the dust, it has been a while since this place was used last. It feels like I've been out of the art game for so long I don't even know where to begin again. So ... I will try to plunge back in and get things rolling. And to loosen up and scrap away all the cobwebs, I'm keeping things simple and expressive with some fat acrylic brush work on paper. Nothing preplanned or overthought ... straight from the brush to the paper, followed up with a little introspective details work.

I present ... Zombie in Bluejeans ... because what's an abstract painting without an equally abstract title? This is 4"x6" acrylics on paper.

So now I've started ... again. Will the demons bring me back down and keep me down for longer ...  or will I be able to keep free of them long enough to make something else? To post something else. To shout out at the world from this tiny little speck of a town they call a city. To be heard ... is there anyone out there?