Friday, June 27, 2014

Blending In by Standing Out

I was looking around at art websites and when I do that I start comparing myself to them and I start thinking "Damn I wish I drew that good" ... and other thoughts like that. Then I got my paper and paints in line and started creating. As I threw the paint on the page I began thinking about how if I drew like them then I wouldn't be drawing like me. And how can you stand out by drawing just like someone else ... you can't. You eventually blend in while trying to stand out.
So ... I keep going along my path ... drawing and writing and creating the only way I can.

This piece has an image area of 8x11 inches, mostly watercolor and a bit of ink on 300lb cold pressed watercolor paper. It's up for auction for 48 hours with the starting bid at $30 ... or you could buy it now by going to my store.