Monday, April 7, 2014

Drawing Challenge ... with Cliff Roth

So today I hung out with Cliff Roth and Lanc T Miller, as well as Sean Cowen, Mz Maau and Gwyneth Wilson. It was an art challenge day of sorts and Since Cliff, Lance and I are completely incapable of staying on task Mz Maau took charge and drawing began. It started with drawing a metaphor ... being nibbled by ducks or raining fish and bears. WTF right? Well ... it has begun.
After that is was food with attitude ... and mine was a rotten tomato ..
After that it Mz Maau made us dive in to our feelings ... something like that ... I can't remember but this was created and it's supposed to represent how my day has gone so far, and how my typical days are. Fuzzy, frantic and quite simply ... messy.

There was another challenge that had to do with what drives you to do art ... but I was distracted and my computer was acting up so I never really got that one done.
Here's a link to the youtube video of all the shenanigans.