Thursday, August 16, 2012


It's all about revamping the direction I've been taking things. I seem to be getting a lot more attention lately and I need to start taking things a little more serious. When looking back I find that I've actually accomplished quite a lot with my art, and the 1000 zombies project. Now I have a whole slew of people that are championing me and my art and encouraging me to take things to another level. 
This summer has been quite trying though ... kids home all day, swimming lessons, soccer practice now and all sorts of outings to take advantage of the short summer. Work has suffered and my brain feels much like my studio ... cluttered and disorganized.

That being said ... I still get stuff done and have been learning how to paint with oil paint, and zombies 101-150 are all going to be done in oils. If it goes really well, 151-200 will be as well.

I'm also dusting off some old larger canvases and starting to play around with them. This one is one I had started about 2 years ago and just pulled it out today.

Now the wife is calling me, so before I go I'll leave you with zombies 1-100

cya soon