Thursday, April 19, 2012

my basic set

here's my tools of the trade ...
Here's how it breaks down:
1. My painters palette ... an old kids water colour set that was totally used up. I use it to mix my colors and just store the water colour paint.
2. My water - its an old, but once sterile, sample container. The screw on lid helps to prevent spillage when I lug my whole kit around.
3. water colour paint - some are decades old but I use what I got.
4. white acrylic for fixing or covering mistakes, and for highlights on the glistening blood
5. masonite board to tape the paper down prior to painting (zombie #48 shown)
6. water colour pencils - I use these from time to time and they're fun to play with
7. painters tape to tape the paper down - doesn't tear the paper and helps make a nice white border for the picture
8. black pen - from the dollar store - I burn through these fast so 2 for a buck is where its at
9. red pen - again from the dollar store - I use these for the under lying structure drawing and then just plow over it with color and blacks. I also like to use it to fill in some of the bloody areas
10. brushes - I have a certain size brush that I love to use, and while I know I should use other sizes, I often forget :) (dollar store brushes again folks)
11. +Tim Clary WIP - but the paper is probably the most expensive thing here ... the brand name escapes me at the moment, but its 300lb cold pressed water colour paper.

Those are my main tools of the trade. One day I'll be able to afford the massive canvases and tubes of oil paints like so many of the other amazing G+nius artists on here do. Until then, dollar store here I come!