Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Murder!

It was an interesting weekend that ended with a super busy weekday. Holy shit! In laws came down with little Clarence and my kids were off the wall with excitement. Everyone was happy by the end of the night, free pizza might have had something to do with it too ;)
Work wise, the ZOMBIE TSHIRT campaign is 20 days closer to being finished, and less than a hundred bucks from being fully funded. I haven't reached 40 zombies yet, but its getting closer.
My first official CAT commission is nearly finished, more zombie kittehz are coming soon, a few zombie portraits are in the works and nearly finished, and the ultra generous Patrick from should be extra pleased when he sees his finished artworks this week.
Oh, and I was interviewed. Enjoy the images.

Not all zombies are angry - aeco on canvas with ink and watercolor
Dude threw money at me to make this for his friends birthday.
Who am I to say no to money? ;)
Matthew Rappaports friend on google+
I'm zombifying the world!!