Saturday, July 23, 2011

is it zombie kitty or kitty zombie?

It's been a gloomy, dreary, rain soaked Saturday. The perfect type of day to sit around drawing zombies, listening to the sounds of children tormenting each other while fresh brains bread bakes in the oven.

So on Google+ it was suggested I do a zombie kitty, and this is my second attempt at it. My first one, several years ago, wasn't quite so cute. This one is a tad more adorable, kinda, maybe, and has an uncontrollable urge to eat bird brains.

It'll eat any type of brain, I just wanted to say birdbrains.

So what is it? Zombie Kitty or Kitty Zombie, and is there a difference?

Also - if you want to own this sketchcard you can. I'm taking bids on it until tomorrow morning, so send me an email ( idrawzombies AT hotmail DOT com )with your bid and it might be yours. Chances are likely no one will buy it, so if you really do want it, at least pay for the shipping ;)