Tuesday, March 22, 2011

old man zombie

Sometimes things spiral out of control ... sometimes things are out of my control ... sometimes things that are spiraling out of control are out of my control.
Enter sick kids.
If any of you out there have kids then you know just how draining and exhausting sick kids can be. They don't mean to make your life more difficult than it already is, they're just sick and wish they weren't. They don't understand its natural and will go away. They don't know that all the sneezing and coughing is going to pass. No. They're scared and they need a hug and someone to tuck them back into bed at 1am in the morning.
And then again at 2:15 ... and 4 ... and 5:40 ... and 15 minutes before the alarm was going to go off anyways.
That has been my last 5 days.
I hate flu season and I don't think this winter is ever going to end.

This picture was created recently because I haven't been able to do much drawing lately. To uninspired and far to drained. Tomorrow is another day and I have lots of plans. Let's see if life can let me accomplish them or will another curve ball be thrown my way.