Thursday, July 9, 2009

Allison's Zombie

So much for daily eh? I have to tell you it has been a gloriously SHITTY week and a half. As mentioned I had inlaws coming to stay over for nearly a week. That was a week ago. They left and life is starting to resort to normal again, but its taking a while.

There is a whole chapter on why it all went so wrong, and I don't think my wife would like me to share all the juicy bits, so I will just say that some people probably shouldn't have kids if they aren't willing to make the sacrafices necessary to raise them properly.

ANYWAYS . . . . moving right along. Life is nearly back to normal, and I am almost back on track with my zombie projects. By the end of today I should be fully finished my dead future contribution. Whether or not it still gets accepted is another bridge I will cross soon. I think it will, because I'm pouring my soul into it. Once thats done I will finish the rest of my zombie portraits, then open the flood gates to complete all the GvMvD that I have. And once THAT is done, I can get my zombie webcomic back on track.

Above image by my daughter. She felt bad that I haven't updated this site in a while so she drew me a zombie. Notice the bandaid. :)

Finally. Go to and buy a tshirt. Eric sent me one for a zombie portrait I did of him and I got it yesterday. It is AWESOME and I'm wearing it right now. I got the "Brain Eater" shirt. Top notch quality and the extras were a great bonus too. Thanks Eric.