Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Sketchy Ink Skulls


A pack of Sketchy Ink Skulls is dropping on WAXDAO for 66.6 DHC
Each pack contains 3 Skulls, with 9 Skulls in the entire series.
There is a Blend available as well, and to top it off, after you collect the whole series you will gain access to the PAINTED version of the skulls.
Many more details at 

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Hodge Podge Jumbo Medley Random Grab Bag of Leftover NFTs - part 2


In an effort to spread the Zombie infection even further I am dropping many of my old unsold NFTs into a pre-minted pool and letting the gods of RNG distribute them to those that want them.
The cool thing though, is that this pack can be bought with 20 WAX or 200 DHC thanks to the power of NFTHive.

The description on the drop page is:

This is Byrons Grab Bag so you should Grab this Bag and rip it open to see what's inside the Bag you grabbed.

PACKS OPEN ON JAN 1 2023 @ 3pm CST.
To Open Packs go to https://waxdao.io/unbox

For More Information go to https://www.artistbyron.ca
To Buy DHC  

There are also FREE way to get DHC
Join the Horde's Discord to find out how.

Each pack contains 1 NFT of old NFTs from as far back as a year ago.
Nearly all NFTs are worth at least what you're paying for this pack, some are worth a little less but others are worth a lot more. SURPRISE!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

The Horde's Coin is coming!


In a few days the Founders Coin for DHC is dropping. There will be perks ...

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Another New Start . . .

 That sounds a lot better than THIS IS THE END! ! ! !

Anyways - this is the start, but it's not the end. Hooked right into www.artistbyron.ca now.
Comment with your WAM to get an NFT - before Dec. 17 2022